Kudos to Wouter Bos

He’s our finance minister currently and in a press conference late last night promised all Dutch savers their rightful money back, no matter what.

THAT’s what I, and 108.000 victims of the fraudulent Icesave bank with me, had been waiting for. I think it was a brave move, especially since he’s from the Socialist Party.
And I must admit I like the guy, in fact I did since he popped up in politics. Unfortunately he’s a member of the party I despise, having a long and troubled history with communists/socialists, so he’s still not going to get my vote. But he’s always welcome for a coffee and a chat, and I’ll even buy him a beer when the occasion should arise.

That seems to solve a very real and immediate problem for all those, what are they called in the US, Joe-Sixpacks?? Yechch. But it certainly is NOT the end of the problems. I believe this, the stock trouble (who cares), the various banks and insurance companies woes, are all just the tip of the iceberg of our (not mine, really) virtually inflated global monetary system.

I read somewhere we collectively have 1116 TRILLION in debt….. and we all together make only 61 Trillion annually.

Here’s the solution for a better world: put ALL the debt back to 0. Close the stock exchanges. Put a sever control on banks and other money lenders…… they should just keep the money ‘safe’, not play with it. And be done with it.

Nothing else would change. We’d still have our homes and cars, we’d still get our salaries, or income, or pension, we’d still pay those who sell us something (except for virtual money)…… Case closed!

(Yes, I know those with – mostly inflated – shares would have less ‘value’. But since that money doesn’t exist anyway, who cares !?)

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Wouter Bos

  • Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 15:38

    We are really ‘taking a bath’ here in the US as you read about it daily. Affecting markets worldwide as well. Our retirement savings are down now over 30% and falling. We are staying in the market however, cuz when it does turn, that will be the only way to recover any loss. There is going to be more hell to pay for those that have abused this money process here, and actual democracy itself could be at stake. I am convinced the ‘anything is not forever’….
    Luck on ya!

  • Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 9:26

    Hi Don,

    yeah it is starting to hurt really bad in some places. As I said somewhere else, it’s only the tip of the iceberg and much more to come! Close friends of ours are also in trouble. He lost his job like I did, about the same time. Difference was that he put most of his money in shares, whereas I put it in savings accounts. He has now lost not only his envisaged profit, but also some 80% of the actual money he used to buy the shares. That’s bad !

    I am so glad I had a bad experience many years ago, the very first time we bought some stock.. and lost it in a bursting bubble. I said ‘never again’….. better take our money to the casino!

    Looks like that’s paying off now, at least on the short term. If everything goes back to zero it won’t make a difference if you have/had money or not.

    Worrysome times indeed …. 🙁

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