I just HATE money

And NO, I am not going to hand it out because of that ! It’s the only thing we have to survive. But I am not good with the stuff, not with any calculations really. And since we are forced by our government to ‘fiddle’ with the little we have, or it will ALL be taken from us by the tax people, I regularly get into trouble.

I had to spread money over various bank accounts. Keep things separate…. my pension money (don’t laugh, bank manager!), the little money I got when I was fired, my current earnings, our private money, money I need to pay my authors with, etc. It drives me crazy and I regularly make mistakes in booking to the wrong accounts. Leave it to me to make a bigger mess out of chaos!

And now with the banking crisis the only thing we have, our savings, appeared to be at risk ! The Dutch only have 40.000 of their savings guaranteed, and we can’t go anywhere else…… put it in an old sock, yes. So I started ‘spreading’ the money over new bank accounts… of foreign banks. The first one that I selected 2 weeks ago, when all wasn’t so panicky yet, was IceSave. An Iceland bank with a 120 year history. And Icelanders and their country are a pretty stable asset, I figured.

So after a lot of waiting and faxing forms I finally transferred part of our savings there. Only to see the news this morning that ALL banks have been nationalized, that the saving accounts are blocked and the Russki’s are putting money in Iceland to save the day.

Oh brother !

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