My very first own VA

FS fans will know what I mean. Non-flightsim readers will wonder.

A ‘VA’ is a Virtual Airline. A phenomenon only beknown to flight simulator enthusiasts. Basically it is a non-existing aviation company, simulated on your PC, usually over the Internet. You dream up your own starting capital, rent a non-existing office, set up a non-existing base on some airfield or airport, buy one or more non-existing aircraft, rent some non-existing staff …… HOLD ON !!! The ‘staff’ usually DOES exist. OTHER flightsim freaks will join the ‘organization’.

Anyway, I’ve been part of a few of these. The main reason is for us men to ‘play’ of course. Indulge in our fantasies of running companies where in the real world we are clustered to our desk doing boring things for others. Or being ‘Buck the Pilot’ while in the real world we can’t fly (anymore), except for maybe the yearly horrifying ‘tube trip’ to some piece of sand to lay on for 8 days, entertaining the family.

A ‘VA’ also gives us a GOAL, a reason to fly in our fantasy world. And I am totally supportive of that idea, which is also the reason for our FSAddon products. Build a more realistic fantasy world !


my VA is ‘different’ (as I also explain in the ‘About’ page of its newly born web site). Most VA’s start out with one guy wanting to run it, then adding a few buddies who immediately get well sounding job titles. Then a great number of ‘hubs’ (base airports) get added and a host of different aircraft. Because everybody wants something different, because it is boring flying only one or two aircraft. And when things get boring, you won’t get many ‘pilots’ to join !

Well, that’s why MY virtual company only has ONE pilot…… and he has one ‘invisible little friend’.
I want to do this as I would probably do it in real life. Rent an old run-down little office on some airfield, buy or lease one or two old aircraft, and start a small aviation service for local needs.


So no, I won’t give you the link to its pages yet. They are just in design phase right now, and since nobody else but me needs them, they may just remain so. Who knows?

I DO use the VCAS system (from which I find is a wonderful addition to the hobby, and for $ 60 a year not too expensive (although it WOULD have been more user friendly to PUBLISH that price somewhere on the web site!).

My company is called MPP Aviation. And I’ll let you in on the secret: MPP stands for My Pet Project. *grin*.

And now, my dear folks, in George Hamilton IV’s words: I have things to, and things to say, in my own way !

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