Super Cub …. and “Oh! Drats!”

Those of you reading here know me pretty well I think….. and you know I shoot straight, albeit from the hip at times.

I was going to announce the release of the wonderful little Piper Super Cub today, made by Simon Smeiman of South Africa, and his VERY FIRST try at an FS aircraft! Oh well, I guess I just announced it… *grin*.

The problem, and the "Oh! Drats!" part is, that one buyer immediately posted a complaint on some forum (NOT contacting us, of course, why should he !!??) showing a white Piper. I think he may be using the unfortunate ‘DX10 Preview Mode’ of FSX.

So I had to waste my Sunday morning reading forums and replying to people who are misinforming others…. I call it ‘damage control’.

Fact is, you see, there are two distinct problems here that pop up over and over again. Be it that people can’t read, be it they just don’t have a clue about FS (anymore), result is such hair raising posts as by this gentleman, kicking and screaming instead of thinking first and asking next.

Those two problems are:

1) FSX is a ‘mess’ these days, what with various versions and patches and many flightsimmers seem NOT to be aware of it. So they do NOT understand that when a product is advertised as FS9 AND FSX (whatever) it is NOT a specific FSX ONLY product (I personally make SURE that we DO advertise as such).
I wonder how anyone can think that a simple 11-dollar add-on (that’s LESS than 8 EUROS!) can be compared to a 50-dollar FSX-only and -specific high-quality title….. but hey.. who am I.

2) The DX10 ‘Preview Mode’ is just that… a ‘preview’. That means a ‘test’, an ‘experiment’, something ‘not yet for production’. Even though it works on SOME PC’s out there, it should be pretty obvious that without specific mention with a product, it is NOT supposed to work!

Oh, and as an aside, I think only some 10% of all designers world-wide can even run DX10 currently, where many even have trouble getting FSX on their machines !

Now, back to Simon. To be honest, I think for a FIRST stab at aircraft design he did a remarkable job! Even though he used FSDS (which I wouldn’t), even though it is basically an FS9 aircraft (but a good one!) and even if it doesn’t have a complex FMC, a bunch of missions or additional scenery….. 😉  He sure as heck is light years ahead of THIS ol’ boy, who can barely make a square, roof-less house in 3DS Max.
Oh, and he DID provide most of the product for free already on the major FS freeware libraries….. maybe not so smart, but very social !

Soooooo, if you like to fly little GA and bush planes, if you don’t mind doing without DX10, AND if you want to show your appreciation for many hours of toiling by a budding designer, then I’d urge you to plunk down the equivalent of (soon) 2 gallons of gas and support him in his quest for furhter products ! 😉

You can acquire the Cub here! (check bottom of page)

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