Too bad Roger !

I could have written ‘Congrats Raphael’, that may have been kinder. But I really was hoping for Roger Federer to win his 6th consecutive Wimbledon Grand Slam and he didn’t. Mostly due to his own doing, methinks. He made more unforced errors than I have seen him do for a long time. And you simply cannot do that against a guy like Nadal, who is #2 of the world and clearly heading for the #1 spot at some point in time.

I also watched the last part of the water ballet at the F1 GP in England, celebrated a bit of Nina’s birthday (which is tomorrow) with daughter and friend AND ‘built’ up my trailer. Almost finished now. Still need to get some more straps to secure the BMW with once we take off for the mountains!

As for Flight SImulation; yuck.

There are times I really wonder if I should continue with this venture. The Lizzie is stuck in the mud once again it seems, with my old friend Ron promising me to finish it about once a week for the past 3 or 4 weeks. He’s a nice guy, so I was patient with him, and I’m a sucker anyway. But there are other things at stake here too…. my own credibility with MY customers, and not to mention the pretty much empty war chest.

Then there’s already nasty comments here and there in some forums about the Piper Cub we HAVEN’T EVEN RELEASED! People moaning about it ‘not being true FSX only’ (yes, indeed) and such. What can you expect for $ 11 ???? And does it make it a BAD aircraft !? Well, 4000+ downloads at Avsim of the demo says it doesn’t ! 😉

And then there’s the eternal clash with the IRS people, demanding administration of a multinational while selling 2 or 3 sceneries a year and building 4 websites. Gimme a break !!

Ya know what? I’m off to France for a few (or more) weeks and we’ll see what I do with FS when I get back. If at all!

(Nah, now don’t panic, you know I’m addicted……… 😉 )


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