Ride on………..

…. the rain has gone today and after the last ferocious shower early this morning the internet weather radar showed not much more coming in from the North Sea.

So I took the bike out. Had to meet my parents at the hospital to ‘wheelchair my mother around’ there.

Late Spring/ Early Summer you can enjoy the northern part of ‘Holland’ the best.
The endless blue skies filled with bright white and grey cumulus clouds over green pastures. Church steeples, old oak trees and the occasional farm on the horizon. Black-and-white cows in the meadows, brown earth where the farmers already harvested the tulip bulbs, and ducks with their offshoot in the thousands of little canals along the roads and meadows.

Yes, I want to leave this country permanently, but not because of those views, or of the strong southwestern or northern winds blowing so often, not even because of the rain.

And at days like today I don’t even think about leaving, nor do I really think about riding.

The ride today was more to sooth the soul, to get rid of cobwebs, to charge internal batteries, to ‘celebrate’ if you can call it that the talks we had with the doctor at the hospital. Which were not all bad.

You see, today I took my old Mum and Dad to hospital again to discuss results of MRI scan, echo’s and what not. The good news is that liver is okay and the cancer or whatever it is is confined to the end of the intestines.
Bad news is that it probably needs another operation and she most likely will need a stoma.

The thing that gets to me most, though, is the fact that Mum is just a shadow of the woman she once was and has lost so much weight that she can hardly get up anymore. She doesn’t eat, can’t be interested in anything anymore. I hope we’ll get a solution for her psyche somehow… we’re trying to cheer her up, cheer her on… getting her to laugh.. smile at least !

Anyway, we took her home again and need to wait for the doctor’s advice next Wednesday…. so my reason to ride today was to get to the hospital and back.. but then to just ride off into the polders and think about life…. and death.
Especially the former….. and how to enjoy it while we can.

For many of us, that’s where the motorbike comes into play. It can be a lot more than just a piece of hardware, technical junk or testosterone equalizer…. it can bring a certain piece of mind, a way to remind us to admire and appreciate life and life around us. A way to remain sane if you like…..

When I filled the RT up in Enkhuizen not even the $ 9.46/gallon price glaring at me from the gas pump could destroy my good mood and appreciative enjoyment today…..

We’re still alive, so is Mum.

Ride on.

One thought on “Ride on………..

  • Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 8:33

    Ride on indeed. I took a motorcycle trip on Sunday with my wife on the pillion to visit my 94 year old Grandma who is fading fast. The combination of sunshine and a breeze really do help to clear the old mind. Thoughts with your Mum.

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