A lot happened

But unfortunately not on the actually cockpit build…..

However, not all is bad, although getting old really feels like it… <grin>. Time passes at lightning speed these days, and so it happened that instead of continuing to build the cockpit, we continued building the house instead. Matter of priorities. But while we were at it and had the builders here, at some point I decided that I wanted a covered place for my car and motorcycle, instead of the open haystack shed that we inherited.

So I started using my Google Sketchup (which now is changed to Trimble (?) Sketchup) to design a new garage…… WITH a second floor. And the second floor all of a sudden adds some 40 square meters of floor space, 3 meters high…… IDEAL for a home cockpit with a large screen around it ! No !?

So today the garage is closed, there is a staircase, I laid the floor covering and there is a main fuse box. The electric door is in place, so is the front door and a window.
Still to be done is a railing for the staircase, finishing touches around the floor and ceiling, adding electricity tubing and wiring….. and an airconditioner. More news in 3 years……..

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