Shopping Corona-style

So if you think only my good friend Glenn Colin de Kavanagh-Norman can write adventure stories….. think again… .

‘Operation Spesa’ was successful. Today I had to go down the hill…. My anti-migraine meds ran out, and after 15 days without leaving the home, so did some other things like potatoes, tomatoes, yoghurt, mineral water etc.
I had postponed this ‘milk run’ twice already, alarmed by the increasing number of cases in our little comune of 6000 people.
But with ever increasing limitations on movement, and not wanting to find myself without my beta blockers, we decided that we could no longer postpone.

Nina argued that with my height I am safer among all the little Italians, so I went alone.
That was a huge risk of course, since my ability to find products Nina prefers is limited, and finding good looking vegetables is most certainly not one of my talents.

I must admit I have slept badly already 2 days just because of worrying on how to prevent picking up the virus from surfaces. I have too much imagination of course, which makes life difficult.
A face mask and gloves, sure, and alcohol kills the virus (or do they say). But as soon as you touch something with your glove, it’s on the glove…… and then what!? And you cannot see it!!

Anyway, I got in the car and stopped at Sandra’s first. She had a little shopping list too. With things on it that I had never bought…. oh my!! They help us often, and we help them when we can.

Then I drove down the hill and towards Ponte di Ferro, the crossroads where the baker, pharmacy and veterinarian are located.
Driving with the stupid mask on turned out to be near impossible, because my glasses kept fogging up. So had to pull the mask halfway down, where it cut in my throat.

Normally we would drive out just about EVERY DAY, for one shop or other, or just for a coffee or your, but now I hadn’t driven the car for 15 days. A FIRST in my life I think.
The road was empty, but that is not unusual in our area. Maybe even more empty than usual….?

There were only 2 customers at the pharmacy… Everybody clad in face masks of all sorts…. Taped lines on the floor here too, indicating how to keep distance from one another.
I got a few boxes of pills…. Not as many as I wanted, their stock is always low. But enough to last me a month.

Next was the petshop… It said ‘Open’ on the door, but there was nobody inside. I went in and out a few times, hoping to trigger attention, or a bell…. Nothing.
So I collected Bruno’s food and treats and put them on the counter.
Then went out to find someone to pay to…. Turns out she lives in the house around the corner…. I rang the doorbell and was told someone would come soonest.
Paid my stuff and stored them in the trunk, wondering how many virus strains I would already have picked up…..

I know…. paranoid!!!!

Then on to the only midsize supermarket we have here, the Eurospin.
Just a few cars on the parking lot… It was 12:30, most Italians have lunch between 12 and 15….I picked this time on purpose.
There were a few customers at the checkout, and maybe 5 or 6 still inside.

I managed to find everything except the ginger roots…. even bought minced meat and joked with the butcher. Everybody asked about Nina!!

There was no shortage of anything, all fresh produce available, veggies, fruit…. The only thing different is that all non-food products are covered with plastic and not for sale. One of the decrees says that only food may be sold.
So if you need some glasses, or a new frying pan, you’re out of luck.

My main problem was the fogging up of my glasses. How do others do it? Wear a face mask and glasses???? So I put the glasses on my forehead, no more fog. But then I cannot see much further than 5 feet, not easy.
This made finding things a lengthy process.

Finally at the checkout there were only three men. The 2 ahead of me had bought for 2 months I think. Took ages.
Also, since we’re only allowed 1 person per family inside, you now have to do everything yourself…. Empty the cart, pay, then pack the bags…. STRESS!!

By this time I was on my 2nd set of gloves….

I dropped the groceries off at Sandra, and got a full box of eggs from her.
Then headed home. This whole trip had taken me 2 hours…. Would normally have been 45 minutes. I guess I suck at shopping.

Then at home the decontamination process began. I hang my old coat outside. Undressed in the workshop and put my clothes inside out in the laundromat. Nina sprayed my shoes with alcohol.
Then I took out all the bags, sprayed and or wiped all products possible…. Some others we put in quarantaine in the garage….
Then cleaned the plastic shopping bags
Then washed my hands again

And now we wait, at minimum a week, max 2, to see AGAIN whether we caught it or not…..

NOT HAPPY with whoever caused this shit, making us lose yet another Spring, if not an entire year!!

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