More flaps, less speed

Below is my post copied from my various webshops, forums and other internet places where I support my FSAddon Publishing activities. I am throttling down in order to fit things into my changed life and available remaining time…..

Dear visitors, customers and friends,

when I retired I had hopes of continuing at least FSAddon as one of my many activities, dropping many others. And I still intend to….. but reality has shown that I now have to spend MUCH more time on my private life, my dear wife, our new friends and the village community here in Italy.
Then there is the extensive travel we do on discovering all these fine historic towns, wonderful restaurants, gorgeous vistas…..

And last but not least, age plays its ugly part. Summers here are very hot and most certainly limiting what I can do at my PC, while the house is very cold in winter, except a few areas. We cannot heat it all I’m afraid.

All combined throws a major spanner in the wheel of my 365 x 24 support I used to provide. (Yes, I was a true workaholic). 2 weeks ago we left for a short holiday in Switzerland, upon return the 10-day village fest started where we are volunteer helpers, in between I got some nasty stomach virus….. all that resulting in not even turning my PC on for over 16 days.
Something totally unheard of 3 years ago, when I was ALWAYS on-line one way or other.

I will try and get rid of the backlog of e-mails first. But going forward PLEASE BE ADVISED that answers in the forum and via e-mail can take MUCH LONGER than you were used to. I am not getting any younger, I am NOT growing the business anymore, just maintaining it for the sake of existing customers and one or two developers still with me.

My main activity in flight simulation today is working on MY OWN home cockpit (first time in 35 years) and writing about flightsim on my blogs and elsewhere.

I IMMENSELY APPRECIATE all your support over the past 20 years and still hope to see you here, in my shop, at events and in forums from time to time. BUT JUST TAKE NOTE, I HAVE THROTTLED DOWN and will continue to do so.

Warmest regards from a sunny Italy,

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