Restarted the cockpit building

At last, after almost 5 years after my first steps into building me a real home cockpit, I am back at it again. So many things happened…. rebuilt our ground floor after the fire, closed my FSAddon company and many other activities, we restructured the attic and made it into an apartment, cleaned the yard and finally made it look clean, tore down the old metal shed and made it into a terrace, magically turned the old haystack into a garage, kitchen …… aaaaaaand….. HOBBY ATTIC aka new MAN CAVE !!!!!!!!

I had already printed the model of a Beechcraft Baron 58 panel on some multiplex (courtesy of SimMax of Italy), and the first thing I did last week was to finally cut the holes for the gauges. Had to buy some new saw blades (small ones) in order to cut the circles. Turned out quite well.

Then I went looking for some of my contacts online, forums, websites, to get an idea on how to proceed. Because one needs to PLAN such an endeavor. Oh, yes, I forgot…. after a year of waiting and planning I finally built a new Flightsim Computer after my old one died back in September 2020.

I also bought a new version of AirManager, because I want to display the main gauges on a monitor, attached behind the panel.

Then there is this big PILE of old hardware…. various yokes, even an entire Flightlink set with yoke, panel, radios and pedals, Saitek controls, GoFlight radios and switches (thanks to my friend Ken Peckham), monitors, and much more. Much of it will not be usable I’m afraid but we’ll see.

First attempts at using Air Manager on my new panel
The building of the new PC in the new Mancave
Working during heatwave isn’t ideal, but hey
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