No more oppression

In the light of the recent attack on their customers, it seems like most current social media are indeed Socialist Media and only exist to make their owners even richer….. which indeed is a typical trait of socialist leaders and regimes. And since not only President Trump has been banned, but yours truly as well (and more often, I might add) I have decided to switch from the mainstream Big Tech to alternatives….. and my own blogs again. I will probably maintain my accounts, but will not post much anymore on heavily communist biased Farcebook, Twatter, Instagram and the likes (all owned by very distasteful billionaires and their communist Chinese little friends), nor will I use WhatsApp and Messenger much anymore.

Instead, you can find my texts here, on MeWe (for now), and Nina and I will be using Signal as our messenger tool.

I am appalled by what happened on Capitol Hill, and also no fan of Trump, but having lived through communist times behind the Iron Curtain, I am much more appalled by the limitation of our freedom and freedom of speech that we are facing now. Under the disguise of the Covid problem, and under the disguise of so-called hate speech (something best explained by reading all the leftists utterings of the past years).

This goes for the Big Tech companies like Facebook, but also for the political suppression here in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Bad times, folks, bad times.

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