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I feel like dying a little bit, closing down various internet activities that I have fanatically worked on these past 15 years of my life. But many of them were not really active, or useful, anymore. I have started so many websites and forums over the past decades, most of them linked to each other….. it was fun. It was partially useful. But they have run their useful life and are now just taking up money and time. Neither of which I have too much of.

So here we are. FSAddon Publishing, the company and the webshop: closed. will close. will close. Bruno’s Facebook page: got closed by Fuckerberg. Silvercloud Publishing: got closed up in 2017 already. My FSGazette on will close. will close.

What will remain for now is this multi-threaded blog, my, the FSAddon support forum, and Instagram and Facebook, although I suspect at a much lower frequency in future. And also my WW2 contributions and website, and my Scale Modeling site. My help and contributions at some ride forums will remain, but also low-key. So basically, what is HOBBY, will remain. What was ‘work’ or supportive thereof will disappear.

I thought of copying the best parts of all of these websites to my FSBlog, so as not to lose everything overnight. But frankly, that is A LOT of WORK and I am no longer interested in work.

So there we are. I may still post the quick picture on Farcebook or Instagram, or copy some opinions, but my ‘ daily life’ will return to this WordPress Blog. Maybe not daily, and certainly not hourly like on the social media….

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