New art shop opened

Having been banned from Facebook for the umpteenth time I found some extra time in my busy retired life. So I picked up painting again. And in a special way too. I decided to try my hand at something different than just landscapes, and started experimenting with combining it with another hobby: WW2 History. The result is a number of drawings and paintings after old archive photographs.
I am still experimenting, so the results vary wildly, but at least I am having fun again, away from the censorship minions of Mr. Zuckerberg.

Since I had quite a few interested people already wanting a print, I have re-installed my account at Fine Art America (now also known as Pixels) and set up my shop there. Prints are delivered directly from any of their 15 print shops world wide, and I get one or two dollars from every sale.

More importantly however is my work for the LST 325 museum….. I used one of their volunteer’s photos to paint the ship. And ALL SALES profits will be donated to the organization in the US, to help keep the ship afloat and functional ! So there.

You can find my ‘ shop’ AT THIS LINK, but I also have links to it on other blogs and sites AND in my FSAddon Publishing webshop on Shopify !

Only a few paintings and photographs so far, because I have to set it all up anew, but stay tuned for more !

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