Bye Bye Zuckerberg

All the way back in November 2008 I added my first friends on Facebook, on my brand new account. I started it out of curiosity because many of my flight simulator friends were talking about it. And those were the ones I added at first, indeed.

Now 12 years later and being retired I am increasingly getting annoyed with Mr. Zuckerberg and his hypocrite ‘community standards’….. After seeing his performance at the US parliamentary inquiry into his selling customer data to third party companies my contempt for this individual has only grown.

In the past year I have been blocked and banned a few times, mostly for totally infantile reasons (like sharing a dubbed bit of movie showing Hitler in a fit, but with a different text….. satire)….. or for mentioning my severe doubt of the desirability of having 600.000 young able African men in Italy, living on welfare, or worse. Mr. Zuckerberg’s wrongdoings appear a 1000 times worse to me….. so I am blocking him now.

I have set up a small private social network, using some German software I happened upon, and will curtail my Farcebook activities to a large extent. Since I cannot even update some of the hobby pages I run there, there is not much use wasting my time there anymore.

You can find my (invite-only) network at in case you are interested….

Eeeeerrrrmmm…… NOPE, we’re not, mr. a..hole.

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