NO Facebook, so peaceful

The Facebook Gestapo has locked┬áme out once again, this time for sharing a joke on good old Hitler….. totally irrelevant for their ‘community standards’, whatever those may entail. Totally random too of course, I am just on their blacklist, like some of my friends, for not just posting pink colored, rosy yahoo nonsense. Or maybe they are cross with me for not joining the Trump hating fanatics out there (who ARE allowed to post the most astonishing hate messages you’ll ever see).

Whatever….. I am busy as it is, working on my web sites, researching WW2, reading and reviewing, working on my new floor in the old hayshed, and building scale models.
The only things I truly muss are my daily walks with Bruno, our occasional shopping trips, my shooting club and riding the BMW. Oh, and did I mention Gelato!!??
So Mr. Zuckerberg can play with his minions for all I care. But should he ever turn up here, I’ll take good old Monty Pytons advice and insert a large garden gnome in his behind.

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