What happened these past 5 years !?

Where did the time go !?


Last weekend all of a sudden I got very sad and upset. Maybe we get more emotional when turning older, I don’t know. I’ll tell you the reason for it…. Some time ago I decided to indulge in LESSER activities, so as to concentrate more on a few and do THOSE better.
One project I started for myself (in May that year) was to try and learn Google Sketchup AND to build me some 3D World War 2 models to include in Flight Simulator X. The ultimate goal was to model the Normandy D-Day beaches as they were on June 6, 1944. I started with some bunkers, and then got the idea of modeling the Mulberry harbors that the allied brought in order to bring in all the supplies needed for their armies…..


All went to plan so far. I got to do LESS on web building and my FSAddon and related activities, learned a lot about Sketchup and made my first models that looked halfway decent. But then real life took over and we suddenly travelled to Italy, more or less on a whim, looking at a house that turned up in a great area (that we already knew) and at a great (low !) price. It was already early November, and Winter was around the corner. Also my Dad of 94 started to need more care, so our activities shifted in that area too.

The 3D building stalled, but I thought oh well, I’ll pick it up in a little while, having already given up the idea to publish a project with the 70th birthday of the Normandy landings. So I was aiming for the 75th birthday, coming up in 2019. That would give me ample time to learn more and better and finish at least my Mulberry project.


Last weekend I started  Sketchup again, Version 2018 by now and no longer owned by Google, and went looking for the last version of one of the parts of the project, my LST (Landing Ship Tank). I had trouble finding it. Currently I have some 14 Terabyte of data on underneath my desk….. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that I kept looking for two years back….. When I finally found the latest updated file it HIT me…. It was from August 2013 !!!!!


How come I have LOST 4 and a half years of my (designing) life !!!???

I just sat there watching my screen for a long time….. Being very sad. And I know I should not see this time as ‘lost’,  but I do. I can not get it back, there is no energy or time left for that.

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