Book review Objective Saint-Lô

Objective Saint-Lô

By Georges Bernage

George Bernage has produced an excellent book with his Objective St-Lô. The book does not provide a fixed story-line as such, but is rather a collection of eye witness accounts of the heavy fighting that took place in this part of France after the Omaha landings. To me that is the main importance…. the excellent and gripping accounts of the men that actually fought there in the 6 weeks the book covers. And from BOTH sides, too.
I have visited St-Lô numerous times during my Normandy research and travels, but had not yet read such a detailed and realistic account of the battles there, nor did I realize the ferocity of the battles. Most books cover the areas more to the east and cover the actual landings, and battles such as Operation Epsom, the Falaise Gap etc.

The book also has an abundance of interesting photos and is a treasure cove for diorama builders as such.
I for many years have photo 1 of page 241 in my mind when I think of St.-Lô. It is one of the very first photos I saw of the conflict there, and one that I also traced in real life many years ago.

But there was much more, as the book shows. The many weeks BEFORE actually reaching the town were hell for both sides and this books shows that in great detail.

Added to the many photos are quite a few good maps and situational sketches, showing where things took place and allowing us to visit the exact spots now.

This is one of the books that earned a place on my top shelf of the WW2 book case !

(Thursday, December 21st, 2017)
Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781473857605
Published: 7th June 2017
Available from the publisher here !

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