My Home Cockpit Project

This, my dear friends, has been on my bucket list for, oh, at least 30 years. Flight Simulation has been the ONE steady thing in my life ever since 1976 when I saw the very first non-mainframe computer….. and a crude flight simulator program on it.
I have since owned and/or operated just about every microcomputer, home computer, game computer and personal computer you can imagine, and just about 90% of every flight simulator and flying game that was ever published…… and some that weren’t.

My flightsim life went with ups and downs, due to finances and busy work schedules, but there was always some sort of ‘simming’ going on during every phase of my life. Alas, even after making it my daily job back in 2005, I still could not find enough time, nor money, to build me a cockpit at home. Add to that a dear wife that unfortunately hates most hobbies as a ‘way to waste money’, and you can understand why it never happened.

But NOW I am officially retired, and getting some fixed income again AND we moved to a house with TONS of space…..  together with a small stash of simulator hardware (more on that later) all the ingredients for a real , albeit modest, home cockpit are here. And oh….. Nina gave me three greens for now…….

I have a LOT to plan, a LOT to learn, a LOT to make, and still a LOT to buy……. and not a lot of time (although I usually refuse to think of that).

Anyway, I thought to use my old blog (the one you’re reading now) to document my project. Just for my own fun, mainly, but also as a base of ideas for anybody wanting to do something similar. This is not new, I found some great blogs and sites on the web already, and there are a number of excellent forums AND Facebook pages on the subject as well.
As part of my project I intend to provide links to everything I find during my research as well.

Ultimately I use the blog because it is fully under my own control, layout wise and in terms of technical and financial control too, running on my main server. Also, still, believe it or not, not everybody is on Facebook !!

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