Russian Gunships – Book Review

5811Russian Gunship Helicopters

by Yefim Gordon

Recently I was introduced to the FlightCraft series of Pen and Sword Books. This is an interesting series aimed at not only aviation enthusiasts, but more in specific to aviation scale modelers and researchers as well.

I ordered the Russian Gunship Helicopters title, by Yefim Gordon and Dimitriy Komissarov. It covers 3 distinct models of Russian attack helicopters. The ‘obvious’ Mil MI-24 ‘Hind’, but also the lesser known Mil MI-28 and the Kamov KA-52 (that’s one with counter-rotating main rotors).

The book is a great resource with extensive information on the development of the various types and many many great photographs. But that’s not all….. the second part of each chapter is made up of a review of various plastic model kits of the various helos. In this case including a few unknown (to me) Russian kit manufacturers as well as the more obvious ones like Airfix, Tamiya, Revell and the likes.


Also included are 3D drawings showing much detail and scale of the helicopters and reasonably well suited for 3D digital designers.

Last but not least there are pages full of detailed color schemes of each model, allowing the kit builders to properly color their models pon completion.

I chose this particular title because there are already so many books about all the more mainstream (read: western powers) military aircraft that it would have been ‘just another book’ to me. But looking into a more exotic subject such as these Soviet machines not only provided me with some unknown information, it also was a good ‘test’ of the book series.

Test successfully completed…. I recommend this book to any (military) aviation enthusiast and especially to all kit builders wanting to dig into some Soviet fighting machines!

In short:

Flight Craft: Russian Gunship Helicopters
by Yefim Gordon

Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation
Found in: Aviation History Books Aviation Reference Books
Series: Flight Craft Paperback
96 pages
ISBN: 9781781592823
Published: 4 November 2013

£13.50 instead of £16.99

Order it directly from the Publisher here.

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