Airshow Méribel !!!!!


Reason why things are a bit ‘slow’ usually in summer is that we move our office to a ‘better’ place, i.e. a tiny room in a chalet in the French Alps. I spend as little time in that room as possible, and instead head out into the mountains as MUCH as possible. Either on foot, on our motorbike or even flying !

Now, just across from our village on the other side of the valley lies Méribel Altiport, the local airstrip that looks more like an aircraft carrier than an airfield. And just over the summit on the other side is the world famous Courchevel Airport!

There’s something to do every year, be it the assembly of mountain pilots or some air fair. This year we had the 50th anniversary of Méribel Altiport………. so please allow me to bring you this video from our friends at Mag des Cimes, the local mountain news and promotion agency.


Actu des Stations – Meribel Air Show 2012 door meribelcourchevelTV

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