‘Follow-on cat’ and Other Updates


Here’s a picture of Nina you won’t see too often……. accompanied by… <gasp!>….. a CAT ! This was on our -unplanned long – walk the day before yesterday when we ended up all the way across from our village on the other side of the valley. On my running shoes, too. When we left the little village on the other side this cat jumped down from the woods on the side of the road and ran up to us. We probably shouldn’t have given her attention, because after we did she would not part anymore.

She continued to walk along all the way around, over the bridge, along the other side of the stream up to our village. Along the walk we had to save her several times from local cars. The cat seemed to think the road belonged to her and sometimes just went to lay down smack in the center. Or she would cross the road just when a car was coming. We could not make her go back in any way. Of course cats decide what they do and don’t do all on their own…….. When we finally reached the first houses of our village she seemed to be bored of us not playing with her and disappeared. Hope she got back home safe !



On that same evening I suddenly got a very nasty pain in my left foot. No idea where it originated from , nor WHAT is hurting exactly. But extremely annoying because I can hardly stand on it, let alone walk. So no running, no  hiking, not even driving down to get the groceries ๐Ÿ™ And even after the kind and caring help from one of my Facebook friends (who obviously knows MUCH more about these things than I do) I am two days down the road and still cannot walk. This is very much hurting our vacation and planned walks ๐Ÿ™



In spite of all the hard work I put into my ‘new job’, the magazine is still very much troubled by ailing back office and administrative problems. The new owner should have followed my advice (even though I can understand it is difficult) and gotten rid of the German company that is totally messing up our customer relationship with current subscribers. They started sending invoices (in German no less) instead of Renewal Notices. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they repeated it TWICE already even after having been told NOT to.
Their ‘excuses’ are extremely weak in my view and I told them so….. but since I am not in charge, that’s where the buck stops. The situation would have been VERY different today if I’d have been, believe me.

To be fair to Marc, the new owner of the magazine, he hasn’t been through corporate life for 40 years as I have and obviously is more hesitant to properly deal with ‘partners’ that are not delivering the goods. The Subscription company would have been fired by me 2 months ago already.

And yes, you DO read frustration into this message. There’s currently a major frustration evident with yours truly who worked 4 months to get the mag produced again, but also with the writers that we all got back on board (including a lot of new ones), our service lady in the US, and with the subscribers.
You can read all about it – officially – on the Computer Pilot website and Facebook pages……. but this is MY blog and so here’s MY current opinion.

I think we all are trying to continue to support Marc, but things now need to change for the good FAST !!! ๐Ÿ™


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