Yo Simmers ! Come and get MOUNTAINS!

Yup, I FINALLY came up for air after some two weeks of major problems with a variety of things technical. Since the last update in December the webshop would not accept LARGE files for download anymore. Bummer! Took me an entire week of ‘helpdesking’ between the US, Bulgaria and Russia to get that solved.

That and the increased cost of a Dedicated Server ! I was running out of space on the VPS server anyway, so needed something more powerful anyway… but this was a bit quick 🙂 Anyway, I now have a LARGE and FAST dedicated server that is for now only running the shop!

It also means that FINALLY I was able to release the NEW DOLOMITIX software from our friends in Italy at RealEarthX ! The latest in the serie is called Pieve di Cadore and covers an area just south of Comelico ! The entire area is getting covered more and more and allows for fantastic VFR alpine flying !

In the meantime I also had a lot of work investigating a website of a new customer, which turned out to be a major undertaking. I am a firm WordPress fan, but some things you just cannot do with it…… this was one of them.

If you are interested about such issues. ASK ME ABOUT IT !

And then there was the VAT return form that needed to be sent to our lovely tax people…… which of course was the very last thing I had patience for….. but I got it done too.

And now, believe it or not, Nina and I will go and see a movie…. in the new cinema in town. Must have been, oh, at least 20 years since Ive been in a cinema. !!


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