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I am one, that’s for sure. Running two monitors (and sometimes 5), a notebook on the side and a smart phone on my desk, I am back to the old days when I was a ‘cellphone’ junkie. That was when this stuff was still new and I was an executive rambling through Europe 6-7 days a week. I was always on the phone – except when flying. It even was one of the reasons I started traveling by car instead of plane, so I could catch all the conference calls while driving!

Well, now I’m on the Internet almost 24×7, working from the confines of my home office as an independent entrepreneur with an Internet business. And Twitter, Facebook…. and now Google Plus, have made their way into my life for more than a year already. Up from email and forums…….

There’s a downside to all this connectivity though. It is called ‘lost time’. There’s another one, called ‘data overload’. 🙂

So, I am wondering how any of us get ANY WORK done these days. We can only do that by ignoring hundreds, and sometimes thousands!, of Facebook friends, NOT reading Twitter Tweets and killing the webcam and microphone to Google Hangouts and Skype ! Oh yes, I forgot, there’s Skype running on one monitor with people popping up in our lives all the time too !




That’s the only answer I can come up with to get some productivity back into my life, and I am starting to believe that all these people who are professionally on-line are only in the business of promoting these social media and making money of it. How else can we justify our presence, short from being retired?


Now, to give this post some more substance and a meaningful ending: http://lifehacker.com/5843969/facebook-is-tracking-your-every-move-on-the-web-heres-how-to-stop-it

If you are wondering… Facebook is intruding more than many of us would believe or like. The article talks about that and provides some links to programs that may STOP Facebook from intruding beyond your permission.

Meanwhile, wishing you all MERRY CHRISTMAS !!


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