Not broken, but not great either

Well, I had photos made at the hospital and the good news is that the wrist/hand is not borken – although it still FEELS like it is – and I have no cast. So I can RIDE ! Yay! On the other hand, no, on the SAME hand rather, I still cannot turn my hand to the right. It feels as if some little bone in my wrist locks up. Oh well.

Another problem are the headaches I’ve been having since a month or two. This is not migraines. So I’ll be heading to the doctor once again this afternoon. When it rains it pours !!! 🙁

Some GOOD news too… the modeling I started doing is now really progressing again and by working on it at least a few hours a day, I can actually LEARN something.
Yhe latest news is that I bought two Sketchup Plugins. One for making roofs and such, and a render program that will help in making nicer pictures for marketing (although not useable for FS of course).

The roof plugin is called GeoSketch and for rendering I now use Twilight (for the time being.. the cheapest offering on the market…. doh!).


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