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SupportMyPC is a Dutch company supporting individual PC users and companies with their daily PC problems. And we ALL have them… daily… I am sure. The concept is that you buy some credits (registration is FREE) that you can then in turn swap for help. You type your problem, select the WAY of help desired (either by e-mail, telephone, remote desktop or even visit) and you can also select you preferred supporter (that would be me, of course).

A simple e-mail support solution costs you Euro 3,50 ! Not more, not less. CHEAP ! Of course more complex problems will move on to slightly more expensive support, but that’s only fair and to be expected. It will remain cheap!

But now, onto Flight Simulator Support

I am working on getting this same concept (preferably with the same company and their backbone) applied to international FS support for all those simmers who are NOT comfortable with forums for whatever reason.

Ideally the new service would be called SupportMyFS, using the exact same concept and software, but now ported to international support (and payment). More news when I have it…. stay tuned !

Meanwhile, if you’d like to register for MY PC support at SupportMyPC, then here’s the link: https://www.supportmypc.nl/en/registration.html


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