Looking for Flight Simulator and PC Experts

You probably have read my Call for Experts already elsewhere. If not, here it is again:


So you are a Flightsim Expert?

…. AND you are often on-line, AND you have a good technical knowledge of all things PC, AND you like helping people…… AND you wouldn’t mind making some money with that once in a while?

Then we may be looking for YOU. Check out our special ‘experts page’. And maybe contact us.

And if you want to continue to ONLY provide your knowledge for free, that’s fine too. I will be doing that too, no matter my business endeavors. But different customers justify different solutions… and opportunities.


So what’s this all about? I am working on setting up a service for flightsimming customers that have trouble with their PC’s running Flight Simulator, or with their Flight Simulator running on a PC (there IS a difference!).

I joined a similar service myself, to test the concept, here in Holland, and it seems to work. But instead of providing a small service to a very limited local market, I am aiming to provide a 24 hour 7 days a week service Internationally.

So we need Experts. LOTS of ’em ! And quite a few have applied already.

The beauty of the onl-line (e-mail, phone, chat, visit) concept is that the customer gets a large pool of knowledge to benefit from, and the experts can choose whether they reply to a problem or not, and WHEN they are available.

So typically this is a ‘job on the side’ of whatever one does for a normal living, or life, adding a few dollars to the purse and helping like-minded but slightly less knowledgeable flightsimmers with their (PC) problems.

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