Backup With A Twist

If you’re like me you have too much data strewn all over your computer systems, and not nearly enough backups.
If you’re like me in terms of (lack of) discipline to backup as well, you have a further problem. I can’t help you with the discipline (or patience), but maybe the PLACE where you store your data is something to think about.

Like I did.

I kept buying hard disks. Internal, IDE, then SCSI, SATA, now USB, going from 20Mb extra to 2 Tb a piece now. And I have a wonderful back-up and archiving program called GoodSync.
But there is an issue.

a) I don’t run my GoodSync according to the schedule I programmed (it keeps getting in my 18-hour productive day way!)

b) I keep filling those extra disks with NEW data (although I DO have my photos and websites archived AND backed up).

So what’s the TIP for a ‘new solution’?

I bought SynBack Pro (which is basically just another backup program and scheduler), but what’s more… it backs up through the Internet.
Heck, maybe GoodSync does too, I didn’t even look. SyncBack does it well and relatively fast. (Thanks Robert, I didn’t forget!).

No rocket science you may say. Well, I was looking at a few on-line storage offerings and found that all
a) cost quite a lot of money (with MY volumes)
b) have limitations in terms of volume
c) mean ‘giving’ your data to someone you don’t know AND making them responsible for it.

And why do that?

Because, you see, I have a whole BUNCH of web spaces for all my various web sites, and most of them have ‘unlimited’ storage! Not used, I might add!

So for a fraction of the cost a ‘professional off-line storage provider’ may charge me, I can store all my data AND then some on any one of my 30 or so storage spaces, AND have it done in the background now, while continue to work on the PC’s.

You may want to have another look at YOUR websites and see how much space and bandwidth came with them. You could be surprised!

Hmmm.. maybe it IS rocket science after all. I am happy !

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