Dumas Residence: Updates


Yup, there’s some news here to share with you faithful blog readers 😉

First of all: we have an ‘intern’. Or guest. Or new daughter. Basically, all of the above. Camy, the youngest daughter of Nina’s brother in Romania, has come to live with us for now, to try and build herself a future ‘in the west’. Not that things are all rosy here in Holland and surrounding countries, but they sure are a heck of a lot better than in the former communist territories! So we invited her to come and stay with us, learn Dutch and find a new life. She’s 26, the sweetest thing, and we’re sure it’ll all work out, given some time!

Secondly: the Senseo coffee machine broke down. Now that may not seem earth shattering, compared to world wide flooding, flue epidemics and other nasty stuff going on, but believe you me, my coffee machine is my production engine! So it is a grave issue, at least in the Dumas Residence. Fortunately we have a backup. A Deluxe Dolce Gusto apparatus, devouring very expensive double-cups to brew a single mug!
I feel a trip to Amsterdam’s Makro is in the stars for me.

Oh, and business wise: Ben Gurion Airport for FSX is doing well, finally bringing in a few much needed Euros. The Silvercloud store is being expanded, AND selling products now! And I am working hard on making a few new websites for various people. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a living again in 2011…. 2010 is gladly over !

More news when we have it, folks !

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