Snow is good!

Well, at least for the visitors statistics of my EuropeRides website. These past 2 weeks the site gets bombarded by people looking for road conditions in Europe, mainly in France. Looking at the stats it seems that UK residents are very interested in that one page of my website. Presumably because they are getting ready to get in their cars and drive to the ski resorts in the French Alps?

This is the first time that I notice a considerable value of my website statistics. Now, possibly that is because I don’t have too much time to watch them. Which in itself isn’t good if you have so many sites. One should KNOW what’s going on, right? Okay, so this is a wake-up call, I’ll pay more attention in future.

And nag you with annoying adverts on the pages that seem to attract so much attention. Hey, gotta make some money somehow!

Google Analytics and Google AdSense rule the world…… and made me a whopping 14,79 Euros in exactly 2 years!

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