Two Major New Projects

I have two projects that will take up most of my time during the coming months, and possibly long after that. That is, if I survive the trip preparations underway now, and the trip itself of course. Rumor has it that I don’t have swimming trunks….. not that I care much because the first and last time in 25 years in the water was in that pool in Italy.

But even if I acquire some – and time is fast running out  – then it will be a miracle to find a place for them in our suitcases. Nina is preparing herself for any eventuality, come rain (Aruba) or snow (Alaska).
Now I know – I watch too much tv – that airline staff is not amazed by anything anymore and have rhinoceros hides and sealion ears…. so I doubt Nina will have much success in convincing then that it is perfectly alright to carry 6 pieces of luggage instead of 1. *Cough*.

Enough of that, I’ll keep you posted via the blog and Facebook whenever I can. Will try to keep out of the local slammer(s).

As for the projects…… I’ll just be lifting a tip of the veil on these, for now, because much is still under wraps. but here are their names:

1) FS-ShipNet.

2) MyEasyWP

One has to do with Flight Simulator (in a way), and the other with WordPress. Not really a coincidence. I have been busy with the former for 35 years and with the latter for the past 3 years.

Interesting coincidence is that both have to do with people I have come to know well, and both have to do with a subscription model.

Both are equally exciting, far reaching and pretty sophisticated and both are what our (very different) audience has been waiting for, we reckon.

So apart from reading my travel tales, keep your eyes open for more news on the Projects!

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