Your WP Blog goes BLANK

Since I’ve ran into many problems over the years using my WordPress blog software, and especially after being hacked a few weeks ago, I figured I might as well put up a few notes on my blog from time to time. Just in case you run into similar problems?

Here’s one that started after I was hacked and cleaned my files. I ‘replaced’ malicious code that was inserted in many files, and usually that did the trick. I replaced the code by ‘nothing’. Or so I thought.
But in some cases that resulted in the editor (Dreamweaver in this case) to insert a blank line at the bottom of files (where the malicious code was before).

Geeklog explains it in this article.

The way I solved it in my case was:

1) rename the plugins folder to something like ‘plugins-old’
2) install a NEW ‘plugins’ folder
3) try to login to the WP site
4) read the error message and learn which file it is tripping over
5) edit the file with my cPanel editor and remove any white lines at the bottom
6) sabe the changed file and run the WP login again
7) repeat until you get an error message of ‘file not found’, pointing to the plugin it tries to execute.
8) rename the plginNEW folder and rename the PluginOLD folder to ‘plugin’ again.

and PRESTO… all works again!


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