A new (crazy?) ‘project’ taking shape


A Willys MB 'Jeep'No, I am not half done with my new ‘Steps’ (see posts further down), but during repair of all my websites after the recent Russian hack attack, some other things popped up too. And you know I get bored quickly, don’t you? *grin*.

So here’s the new project, for which I have NO money and will start a fund raising effort further down in the year (we’ll ‘do’ the States first).

The plan is to acquire a well-maintained and serviceable, original Willys MB ‘jeep’, make sure it is in the same state and livery as one used in 1944, take it to Normandy, and follow the ‘Voie de Liberté’ (Road of Liberty) from Normandy to Bastogne. That’s the road leading the allied took to liberate Europe from the German occupation back in 44-45.

Why do I want to do this? For a number of reasons.

– I was brought up shortly after the war and learned a LOT about that era from parents, relatives, and (then) ‘fresh’ books, magazines and movies.
– I ALWAYS wanted a ‘jeep’. A real one! (Yes, I got me a Cherokee (Liberty) when I lost my job and had nothing but trouble with it, and am not referring to those Chrysler-built things).
– I am a stickler for history and technology and like old aircraft and old vehicles. Not only do I like them, but I really favor them to remain IN USE and as original as possible! A lot of Willys are still being used here in France and elsewhere, but more for ‘fun’ than to retain their historic value. So there.

I’ll start the project as soon as I come up for air from our planned US trip in October, but am planing ahead already.

First main step in the project will be to see if we can raise the funds for the project. I have time, ideas and drive, but no money! 😉

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