Vintage Aircraft

Don’t you wish you started doing what you really wanted to do 30 years ago? I do…. often. Alas, no turning back.

It only dawned to me recently that I was probably made to work with old aircraft, but at the time nobody knew……. *grin*.  I was building kits of Spitfires and Halifaxes back in the early 60’s, constructing diorama’s, hanging off the fence of airfields and driving my parents crazy with piles of old aviation magazines strewn all over the place.

But after the airforce turned me down because I wore glasses, that all came to a screeching halt.

Fortunately men remain boys and continue to dream, much to the distress of their wives and girl friends of course. And in our modern society even some women can perform this trick these days. And so it happens that at almost 60 I am back into aviation full time, if only  reading and writing about it …..

So I read about THIS company all the way down in New Zealand, specialized in restoring vintage aircraft and warbirds. Maybe not so special, but what certainly IS special is that they are well underway to get a true DeHavilland Mosquito in active flying state again !!!!

Check out their website here !

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