Toy or Tool?

I just bought me a new camera. After much researching and pondering, scratching my head and searching my conscience, I ultimately decided to buy yet another Nikon. This time a more professional one than my current D70. I opted for the D300s. Not the best, certainly not the least either. Its 12 Mpixel chip together with a Tamron stabilized 18-270 zoom lens makes this my weapon of choice for the foreseeable future.

Yes, there are better DSLR’s, but my budget was limited in the end, and I picked what I believe to be the best match for my kind of shooting.

Toy or Tool? A bit of both I suspect. Most certainly fun to have such a high-tech bit of equipment to play with. But also a necessity. Magazines don’t accept much below 12 Mpix, my old camera was only 6, AND it as slowly starting to malfunction at times. I’ll probably do as my friend Dick, and store it in the car to have something handy for unexpected moments.

Oh yes, and Glenn reminded me of Ken Rockwell’s wesite again, where you can find some great guides on how to use these modern-day cameras. Thanks Glenn! (and Ken!).

Ken Rockwell’s site.


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