Let’s Go Flying


I’m sure you’ve seen it before: AOPA’s new initiative to get more people interested in (learning to) flying. I posted one of my Why Fly columns on there and it got published today. Unfortunately the link to Why Fly Inc. was taken out… must be seen as competition. Where it really is NOT, of course. Both sites – and a few others – are all about the passion for flying.

Personally I think we should join forces, stick together and further the cause by helping each other. Having said that, we are mostly a ‘for the love of it’ company and ‘losing’ money for now, whereas AOPA nowadays is big business and Big Bucks.

Oh well.

We’ll have some super Photo Essays on Why Fly shortly, about Oshkosh and other fly-in’s. There are wonderful stories and other columns there as well! Check back often !

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