Step Three

Yup, I’m not done yet…… not by a long shot! So here’s Step Three: Flightsim Plaza’s SimNews !!

I jokingly mentioned in another place that I was getting bored already, not doing the simFlight news pages anymore. That’s partially true. I certainly do NOT miss the constant pressure of having to provide ‘news’ each and every day. And I don’t miss the increasingly annoying fact that the news we brought there was less ‘news’ and more advertising over the last few years.

But… I DO miss a way of reaching out to all the flightsim AND aviation communities out there, and I DO miss a place where one can express oneself in an honest and open way about the things that keep us all occupied here: flight simulation and aviation.

So, SimNews was plannned all along for many years, and NOW has a REASON to be launched. You can see the first DRAFT here.

I have CLOSED the comments for now, but you can email me your opinion at francois at FSSupport dot com, as usual. And I am setting up a NEW FORUM to accompany the new web site, so we’ll be able to discuss there in future.

PLEASE NOTE: it is ‘under construction’, will NOT be updated each and every day, will have SELECTED news items (by me, no less), and will from time to time contain my (!) opinion on events, products and things.

And yes, it will also ‘promote’ my products from time to time. All this has to be paid for after all, one way or other 😉

Hope you’ll appreciate the new start and what I am trying to achieve, and above all, what I am writing. If you have news that you want to be considered for inclusion (no promises!!!!) you can submit it to news at flightsimplaza dot com !


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