…of the re-invention has been made. In the form of yet a new attempt at setting up my own webshop. And although it proved to be cumbersome (what else is new) it seems to be running and functioning now, ON a new server too.

I have put the also new Gloster Gladiator for FSX up in the shop window, and despite some early download problems, all is going well. Customers love the Gloster (so do I), shop works and the path to new expansion is laid out.

(FIY, the Gladiator will also be on sale on simMarket soon, and we’ll have an Flight1 Wrapper version available too later). The CD Version will have to wait until August.

The intention is to not only sell FSAddon products in there, but others as well. And maybe even other stuff than just FS ….. we’ll see.

Step Two is already been started, in the form of a new news site. But I want to keep it under wraps until it is fully up and running and filled already….. stay tuned for more !

On another NOTE: I finally solved my PC starting problem. Turns out there is a CMOS reset required for some reason, AND it has a CMOS reset button in the back. Had never heard of such a thing. Just goes to show you are NEVER too old to learn anything!

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