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Hmmmm… is that a word at all? Alright, never mind. One thing I seem to be missing is the ability to provide an honest but private opinion on certain aspects of flight simulation and associated subjets. I have had the question a few times already in the past "how can you seriously advertise this or that product???". That question then was related to ‘news’ I write on simFlight specifically.

Writing ‘news’ there, as may be known, is a mixture of real news and advertising simMarket’s products. As such I can hardly write that product A or B is really crap, and too expensive for what it is, but ‘hey, buy it because I get paid through its sales after all’ !
Although that is the factual truth !

And putting such true comments on my blog here doesn’t help either, since there are only 50 or so regular readers. So what is wisdom? I have been toying the idea of setting up  a new ‘opinion site’  related to flight simulator where I can then write whatever ‘I’ want and not what I ‘should’ write because of other interests.

There should be a difference possible, AND accepted, between advertising, plain news provision, and personal opinion. That’s what I am looking for….

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  1. BRAVO! Truth is a good thing. Everyone out here knows wether what they bought or they got for free… is either worth getting or not. True we all have different tastes or expectations..and so the speaker has to be taken into account, but honest opinions are valuable.

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