FSCargoX, Lysander, trips

Well, here I am, we’re back in business. Actually I got the problems solved that same day, but have been too busy to blog ! Yikes!
I do have some great news though.
– The AOPA Blog (LetsGoFlying) is a ‘go’ and I’ll start contributing there next week.
– FSCargo X is taking shape. The basic system works, we now also will have freight that can STAY in a certain place, we’ll have MONEY involved and are discussing internally what else to add!

– The above is a link to a bit of film from the second world war, showing images of the Lysander in action ! Thanks to my good friend Didier, who also made most of the pictures for our model!

– Next week is the last week in office. After that we’ll head down to Prague to visit Vivian and Menno, see some of that wonderful city, and hopefully not get snowed in somewhere along the way !

More news as we have it !

1 thought on “FSCargoX, Lysander, trips

  1. Good news all around!
    Cold as the dickens here.
    Check out my blog….


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