This is getting silly !

This ‘Facebook’ thingy I mean. Now I am getting bombarded (pun intended) by virtual snowballs being thrown at me. I even threw a few back… I think. I mean, how silly can I get!!?? And I don’t even have a clue what the fun, meaning or intention of this ‘game’ is. I think I’ll give up.

What’s also silly, or rather downright extrmely annoying, is that with the latest update of my Firefox browser I seem to have lost a ton of bookmarks !! I am NOT amused. Yes, I know having 8000+ in that list is not wise, nor very logical probably, but I only lost the recent ones. You know, the ones I REALLY used and needed.

Days like this I wish we’d stuck to pen and paper…… and umbrella’s.

1 thought on “This is getting silly !

  1. Check out, Francois. No need to lose your bookmarks…

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