Between Real Flying and Dreaming

Dreaming of flying and doing it for real can be worlds apart…..  or it can happen just like that!

Yesterday I received a quite surprising e-mail from the AOPA, of which I am a member, asking me if I would want to ‘blog’ on their new website aimed at attracting more people to ‘real flying’. Even more surprising was the fact that I received immediate reaction to the e-mail I sent in reply.

Not only was the lady who contacted me interested, she also had/has not much idea about the huge global community of flightsimmers and their real and potential influence on the world of (general?) aviation around us.

I returned the e-mail because I believe that that’s where I could come in. Having dreamed of flying for more than 50 years and eventually having reached that almost unreachable goal, I have always been and will always be a staunch supporter of getting people to realize their dreams, and especially their dream of flying.

I mean, apart from a fireman, what does every boy wants to be at a young age? Or has that changed much lately ??? If so, it’s time to get things back on track !

The AOPA (Airline Owners and Pilots Association) has their new blog here: . Maybe you’ll see me there too in not too long.

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