Webhost problems…..

For a few days already I got the impression that some of my sites were pretty slow. My regular 5 minute e-mail scan too gave warning beeps for many days….. so I contacted Siteground, and sure enough, they seem to have a problem with the server where most of my 25 websites reside. BUMMER!

The thing gets so slow that I can hardly manage my forums, update the sites or add news to any…. hence my absence here.

Lets hope they’ll fix it within the next 24 hours… this is not good for my nerves !

On another note, Nina came back ill from Romania. Probably attracted some sort of virus in the plane or on an airfield. She has a nasty cough and is not feeling well. My own problems seem a bit less, but not convinced I am ‘clear’ of the infection yet. We’ll see.

Weather up here is lousy, wind, cold and rain…. what else is new. So no new ride tales. I’ll finish the ones I started in September, still have tons of photos to process.

And last but not least, the Lizzie is being worked on again. Rob Young is tending to the flight model, and my ‘panel guys’ are now in touch with each other. At least, that’s a start.

Not one CD sold yet…… maybe I need to rethink that initiative, eh ? :-)))))

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