UAC – the WORST invention since sliced bread

"Warning! Your UAC is turned off!!"

I get this stupid text every time in a pop-up window when I turn on my Vista PC (which I for some reason have to turn on TWICE to get it going).
I KNOW it is turned off, you stupid machine, because ‘I’ was the one turning it off!
And why !!??

Because the thing won’t let me do what I need, am allowed to and want to do on the PC I bought and paid for myself with an operating system I bought and paid for dearly too !! How DUMB is that !!??

Now I know again why I delayed getting a Vista PC in my home for almost 3 years….. my next purchase will be a Mac ! 😉

1 thought on “UAC – the WORST invention since sliced bread

  1. I have it from a very good source (me!) that Windows 7 will be MUCH better in most every regard, especially when security is concerned!

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