There are more of YOU….. welcome !

More visitors to my blog every day, that’s nice. Although it is by no means a ‘popular’ place, I am happy to see people from all over the world dropping in from time to time… or are they all ‘bots’ ??? LOL ! No, I know you’re not.

One of these days I’ll find the time to add a ‘poll’ module so I can ask where you are all from…. or what the heck you are doing here !?

Meanwhile I ‘discovered’ a new ‘contact toy’. Or rather my daughter made me use my account. And now more and more people are popping up on it.
I am talking about Facebook. Maybe ‘just’ another community/networking tool, aimed at getting adverts in people’s faces no doubt, but so far it is fun (even though there is a group of 2,5 million users (!!!!!!) who do not approve of the current interface. Go figure.

I’ll start my own group on it too, maybe as a complement to my blog and websites.

More communicating has never hurt anyone, has it now?


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