Fall has come

The skies are gray and somber, the occasional rain is succeeded by a steady drizzle and the trees and bushes in the garden are moving in the southwestern. We’ll have the storms come in soon. This is MY season!

I was born in the Fall, so I guess that has something to do with it. Unlike many people who dread Fall and Winter and can’t wait to see the sun again, I love this sort of weather. It makes you feel so good to come home after having been outside, it makes your home more cozy and a place to cherish.

It also gives me more excuses to NOT go outside and do other things than work. *cough*


Talking of which…. and leaving all that ‘money talk’ behind us….. I’ve been working hard on designing some banners for the upcoming FS Weekend. And am still waiting for my Q9559 new PC… dang!

The Lysander is now in England – where it belongs, actually – in the capable hands of Rob Young, one of the world’s most appreciated flight model designers. Can’t wait to get it back from his workshop ! I think I already told you about FSCargo/X ? Maurizio too is back at work again on that one, and I’m really excited !

Last but not least, Nina and I got on the bike this weekend (I’ve been riding regularly again since I have a new tire) and we had a nice Sunday out.

Now, back to work… have a nice day everybody !

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