No, I’m not gone (yet). Just been way too busy. Nina and I will give another try at some vacation (or holiday, for my British friends) and leave Friday for France again. I’ve been frantically trying these past 5 days to get everything DONE that I promised people to have done. In vain, of course.

As is customary for me nowadays I took too much onto my plate. It would all have worked out, or at least I probably would have gotten away with it, had not our life been rudely hussled and tussled with Mom’s departure. I, stupidly, sadly, or maybe just hoping for better times, had not taken ANY interruption into account. Alright, call me naive.

So here’s the deal: upon return I will sit down and evaluate which of the 25 activities I am currently doing I will drop, and which I will retain. That in itself will then be activity #26, won’t it? Hmmmm… maybe not so good a plan.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be busy swapping e-mail and making back-ups, packing the car etc. Business will have to wait two weeks…. so there!

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