Google Earth… or Virtual Earth ?

One day you have nothing, and the next the world is at your feet….. or at least you can watch it from above !

I have a subscription for Google Earth Pro for our documentation work at FSAddon and I just LOVE searching zooming and watching all sorts of places on earth. Not all are as detailed as I’d like of course, but it is getting better by the day.

And now we have TWO, because Microsoft’s Virtual Earth looks to be a worthy contender….. in future. They’re not there yet. GE is better equipped, has more options and is easier to use….. so far. Partly because I am used to it, of course. But the source material differs in places. I found differences in detail of the same place in the two products.

So if you are looking for something, and don’t like what you see on one, try the other. I may have a more up-to-date photo !

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