Calendars on your website

… or the lack of them, rather.

I need to put up a calendar on a client’s website. It should be easily updatable (is that a word) by himself, i.e. someone with not much PC knowledge nor interest, and depict the days his cottage is rented out.
Sounds easy enough, eh?
Turns out it isn’t.

After much searching I found a nice looking product….. but they require weekly payments. Yechch! Another one looks okay, albeit it not very graphically enticing, and costs 60 British Pounds. I forgot these even existed, let alone that I remember how much they are worth these days. Anyway, the product I am going to try is here, on Availcheck !

Meanwhile I found several hundreds of products that were either too big, too complex, too expensive or too shabby to consider. Life of a web designer can be pure hell at times.

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