The death penalty

As far as I am concerned it is easily the proper thing for virus makers. Seriously.

I am normally a peaceful young man, but these sort of people get to me. Needless to say I was once again their innocent victim. Don’t know how I got it…. I run a hardware firewall, a good and reliable anti-virus software, have as many security holes plugged as I can, never click on silly links (sex, drugs or other) and don’t even open half of my emails.

And yet….. I somehow attracted the Vundo virus/malware code and it played havoc on my browsers, adding unwanted pop-ups and other stinking ads, infesting my hard disk, slowing down my PC and who knows what else it did.

Worst of all, it took me an evening and half a day to find it and get rid of it! My time, my dear friends, is all I have left in this life, and not enough of it as it is. So taking that away from me is like taking (part of) my life, and that in turn is more than sufficient reason to kill the bastards. There !


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