More visitors !!!


I am happy. And amazed! My long-time Internet presence finally seems to start being felt…. the number of actual visitors to my sites is on the rise! For the combined FSAddon sites we’re nearing the ONE MILLION mark !!!

And even the lesser-known sites, such as this blog, are attracting more and more serious visitors (with ‘serious’ I mean real people and not robots, crawlers, bots and what have you). Of course any writer is happy when his words get read, I guess that’s the logical bit of ego-indulging motivation one has to start with.

But I am also amazed and happy to see WHERE all these people coming from. Literally ALL OVER the WORLD! It truly IS amazing how this ‘Internet Thing’ has made the world so small that people from so many places and backgrounds can read what one writes, and more…… actually reply!!

Now, if only I could get a real book published…… my life-long dream. I am working on it !


What I am also working on is getting FSAddon Products OUT ON THE STREETS! Currently I am working on packaging the Piper Super Cub by Simon Smeiman, and Plum Island by Bill Womack. Two VERY different products, but both very valuable in their own way and for the aficionados !

I hope to get them ready before we leave……. our Summer Break starts soon and we’ll be in France, and on dial-up to the Internet….. YIKES ! Am I addicted? Probably !!

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